City of Jacksonville

Task Force on Consolidated Government

Final Report

BLUEPRINT FOR IMPROVEMENT II - Task Force on Consolidated Government 2014 (1.2mb PDF)
Presented to the City Council October 14, 2014


2014-401-A RESO Thanking & Congratulating the Members of the Task Force on Consolidated Govt for their Work & Recommendations. (Clements) (Introduced by CP Gulliford & Co-Sponsored by CVP Yarborough & Carter)
2013-551-A RESO Finding Need for In-Depth Study re Consolidation of City of Jax; Creating a Task Force on Consolidation. (Johnston) (Introduced by CP Gulliford)

Documents and Links of Interest

Article - How Vancouver Invented Itself

Resolution 2013-551-A
Council President's Charge Letter - Revised

Current Jacksonville Charter - External Link to
1972 Jacksonville Charter (13.5 mb PDF)

Consolidation History (60k PDF)
1966 Blueprint for Improvement (15.4 MB PDF)
1974 Ameila Island Conference Report (5.9 MB PDF)
Forms of Local Government (29k PDF) 
The Mayor-Manager Conundrum That Wasn't (32k PDF)
Form of Government Still Matters: Fostering Innovation in U.S. Municipal Governments (371kb PDF)
Municipal Reform in Mayor-Council Cities: A Well-Kept Secret (96kb PDF) 
Thirty Years of Consolidation - A Reply to a Response (46kb PDF)

Duval County Demographics (51k PDF)
Economic Profile of Duval County (469k PDF)

The Government-in-the-Sunshine Law Then & Now: A Model for Implementing New Technologies Consistent with Florida's Position as a Leader in Open Government (389 kb PDF)

Charter Revision Commission

Interlocal Agreements

Florida League of Cities

National League of Cities

Transition Reports

Additional Recommended Reading & Links

  • Building Seamless Cities, St. Petersburg Mayor Rick Baker, December 2, 2011
  • Suzanne Leland and Kurt Thurmaier, eds, Case Studies in City-County Consolidation: Promises Made, Promises Kept?  Georgetown University Press, 2010.  (Has a chapter on the City of Jacksonville.)
  • Suzanne Leland and Kurt Thurmaier, eds, Reshaping the Local Government Landscape: Case Studies of Local Government Consolidation, M.E. Sharpe, 2004.  (Has a chapter on the City of Jacksonville.)
  • Frederickson, Johnson, Wood book, The Adapted City:  Institutional Dynamics and Structural Change, M.E. Sharpe, 2004.  (Looks at government structure.) 

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