City of Jacksonville

Transparency in the Mayor's Office
The Public Accountability Office was created in March 2012 to focus on promoting transparency and accountability in the unique environment of Jacksonville's consolidated government, including within the Mayor's Office. On this page you can get access to the mayor and senior staff emails and the executive department gift registry. For more information from the Mayor's Office, visit the Mayor's webpage.

View Mayor's Office Email

The mayor and mayor’s staff emails are now accessible through a downloadable PDF. Click here to access. Expand the “Public Folder: Mayor” dropdown and select the desired inbox for review.

Please note: The link above provides read-only access to incoming email received by the Mayor’s Office. Best used with Internet Explorer and requires Adobe Acrobat Viewer. 

Executive Department Gift Registry

In accordance with Ordinance 2007-329-E, Part 7; Section 602.701(c), Ordinance Code: Registries shall be established wherein gifts will be identified by date, donor, type, purpose, and city officer or employee carrying out the purpose; and shall be posted on a city internet site. The report is provided in Microsoft Excel format below.