City of Jacksonville



The museum is a living legacy that connects us to our past through images, objects and information that has been carefully handed down through many generations. It is a work-in-progress – growing and thriving from the care and nurturing people who cherish the past and have faith in the future. It is a labor of love – constructed piece by piece by hands that used and saved and donated every item on display or in our inventory for use later. It is as humble as a patchwork quilt made from bits and pieces of our lives and as elegant as the finest tapestry woven from costly thread.

The museum houses a permanent exhibit of the history of African Americans in northeast Florida. It replicates scenes of everyday life, documents the past with photographs and artifacts and features a special presentation on native sons James Weldon Johnson and John Rosamond Johnson called Lift Ev'ry Voice and Sing.

The gallery is spacious and features a wide variety of exhibits, including fine art collections, folk art, local art, and history exhibitions throughout the year. As well as educations programs for children and schools.

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