City of Jacksonville

Digital Dispatch Services
In November of 2013 the Jacksonville City Council adopted a new Ordinance 2013-554 which regulates digital dispatch services. A digital dispatch company provides a cell phone application to customers who request rides, and then dispatches licensed Vehicle For Hire companies to those customers. Read Ordinance 2013-554

The following information for current and potential Vehicle For Hire drivers who are interested in working with a digital dispatch service may find the City’s ordinance regulating the vehicle for hire industry, here.

Please be aware that driving passengers for a fare in Jacksonville will require compliance with these regulations, and violations are subject to a fine of $250 per violation. Drivers must be permitted by the Motor Vehicle Inspection Section of the Office of Public Parking. This permit includes a background check, and certain offenses will disqualify an applicant from driving a vehicle for hire. For more information, please review the application.

Drivers must work for a registered Vehicle For Hire company. The digital dispatch service is not a registered vehicle for hire company. A driver can start her own vehicle for hire company and be self-employed. Certain criminal offenses can preclude someone from being involved in the ownership of a vehicle for hire company. More information can be found on the application.

A Vehicle For Hire company shall maintain commercial insurance as specified by state law and local ordinance, and certified by the City’s Risk Management Office. Operating without insurance is a serious violation of the law, and will result in fines and a cease and desist order.

Drivers who work with digital dispatch services are not allowed to accept street hails. They may accept customers referred through the digital dispatch service, or pre-arranged customers who pay based on the time they reserve the vehicle for. Drivers who work for taxi companies are not allowed to work with digital dispatch services other than those offered by their own company.

If you have questions about the law relating to Vehicles For Hire, please call the Motor Vehicle Section at (904) 630-0814 or go to their website