City of Jacksonville


Transparency in City of Jacksonville Procurement Processes

The City of Jacksonville, its departments and its independent agencies support the Florida 'Government in the Sunshine' laws, designed to provide transparency and openness in government operations.

The Florida law on 'Public Records' may be found in its entirety in Chapter 119 of the Florida Statutes

  • Public Advertisement of formal* bidding opportunities (Financial News & Daily Record,, Bid Hotline - 630-BIDS)
    *contractual goods/services/professional services >$65,000, capital Improvements >$200,000
  • Full PDF specification, including any addenda are available for download
  • Formal sealed bid responses are opened in a publicly notice meeting at a set date/time (Bid Opening Schedule)
  • Informal bidding opportunities available through JaxPRO (Vendor registration is required)
  • Public posting of proposed formal actions (agenda format and full PDF award packages)*
    *copied to Council Auditor, Corporate Secretary Per Chapter 126, Part 126.201(d)(6) and copied to the Council Secretary
  • Posting of proposed single source/proprietary request at least seven days prior to award
  • Active formal awards remain on the website until expired (Active Bid Awards)

  • Protest Procedures
    • Included in published formal specifications
    • Available on website
    • Allows for protest of specifications
    • Allows for protest of proposed action(s)
    • Allows for protest of rejection(s)
    • Protests are allowed by any/all affected parties to the proposed action(s)

All awards committee meetings are publicly noticed in advance of the meeting and minutes from the meetings are available (Meeting Minutes)