City of Jacksonville

September Incidents 2019
The EOC has entered into the first full operational period for Hurricane Dorian beginning at 8 AM 2 September until 8 AM 3 September, with the latter date and time most assuredly to coincide with the start date and time for the next 24 hour operational period.
Dorian, taking as much time as needed to decide what path to eventually pursue after horrifically obliterating much of the Bahamas, thankfully veered far more eastward on a trajectory that ultimately spared Jacksonville and the First Coast from what would have been a significant impact of a major, powerful hurricane. Nevertheless, the system delivered a poignant reminder of how the 2019 hurricane season is still an active event, with the safety of November and corresponding end to the aforementioned period of uncertainty and apprehension still several weeks away.
A tragic apartment fire occurring late Wednesday night, 4 September, in the 8200 block of Kensington Square off South Old Kings Road, claimed one life and left three apartments in a two story, six unit building completely ravaged from the blaze. The Second Alarm fire would ultimately require the Red Cross to provide assistance for five displaced families with the cause and specific area of origin under investigation by the State Fire Marshal's office.