City of Jacksonville

October Incidents 2020
Remember Hurricane Sally from last month? Although not directly impacting our community, with that storm tragically striking Florida's Panhandle as a category two system, our very own JFRD nevertheless became involved with the aftermath as our vaunted USAR team was asked to provide much needed support to the unfortunate communities within that specific area. Well...the first full week of October, 2020, has introduced yet another Hurricane, this one simply named 'Delta' as the Greek alphabet must now supply the names for the ongoing storm season considering every A through Z name has been used (!). Although NOT projected to deliver a blow to our community (again), the Category 4 storm ( strength as of 6 October and just beginning a turn into the Gulf of Mexico) could potentially make landfall, AGAIN, somewhere along the Panhandle which, in turn, will more than likely result (again) in a return visit by our JFRD USAR team to deliver any and all assistance as necessary.