City of Jacksonville

October Incidents 2021
Once again, the arrival of each new month will ineludibly waste no time in presenting a formidable challenge for our professional emergency responders to contend with: and, to that end, Monday the 4th of October delivered on that aphorism with a 3rd Alarm apartment fire. Just before 3 PM that afternoon, units were dispatched to the Jacksonville Heights apartment complex on 103rd Street in response to reports of an apartment fire and where, upon arrival, the firefighters immediately declared that flames were visibly breaching through the roof of the two-story, multi-unit building. After nearly two hours of laborious, manpower intensive suppression work, the fire was called under control and, fortunately, without a report of any injuries from the scene. Tragically, however, 12 total apartments were impacted resulting in 33 displaced individuals in need of assistance courtesy of the American Red Cross. The State Fire Marshal was called upon to perform the requisite investigation as per standard and applicable protocol.   
A red-letter day and milestone for the City, the Jacksonville Fire/Rescue Department, and the community located in close proximity to the Gate Parkway area, occurred Tuesday, the 26th of October, as new Fire Station 63 was introduced and cheerfully welcomed with a warm embrace during the official ribbon-cutting ceremony. Serving over 5,000 residential and over 400 business 'customers,' the new fire station will be capable of serving one of the fastest growing areas of our City with an equally faster and more rapid emergency response than ever before and, thusly, continue to uphold and maintain both the Department's mantra and mission to 'protect lives and property' throughout all of Jacksonville.