City of Jacksonville

May Incidents 2016
Promptly at the onset of the month on Monday, 2 May, the JFRD proudly welcomed a new class of recruits into the Department with the official orientation at Headquarters on Julia Street. The class of 37, including two female firefighters, will now begin their extensive training session at the Training Academy before graduating and entering into their probationary period. Good luck to all!

In the wake of good news, such as the arrival of the previously mentioned new class of recruits, it stands to reason that bad, terrible news would be arriving sooner or later. Precisely the latter scenario occurred on Friday, 6 May, when the Department learned that our beloved, admired and revered former Medical Director, Dr. Bob Kiely, had passed away. Dr. Kiely's service of more than three decades as the JFRD Medical Director is just one small element contained within the myriad of benevolent, gracious, selfless and invaluable services he so generously rendered unto untold numbers of both organizations and individuals alike. His achievements are far too numerous to mention here; anyone interested is urged to visit our 'On Scene' newsletter (copies available here on this website) and click on the December 2014 edition to learn far more about this great man in an interview published in the referenced document. May you rest in peace, Doc, and you will be forever remembered and missed.