City of Jacksonville

June Incidents 2017
Lately it does seem, invariably, that the beginning of each month (at least for as long as the month remains in single digits) brings along a Second Alarm structure fire...and the month of June 2017 promptly began with this apparent archetype on Tuesday, 6 June, with a Second Alarm apartment fire at the Oxford Hall Apartments located at 2650 Dean Road. As the first arriving crews approached the scene just before 8 AM, they immediately saw a large amount of raging fire leaping skyward through a corner section of the roof of one of the stand-alone, two story apartment buildings, more specifically Apartment Building 'E' that housed a total of 8 individual rental units. As Command began to contemplate setting up a ladder pipe to quash the advancing fire, interior crews were able to report significant progress in arresting the fire to the point that Command not only disengaged the idea of a master stream but was also able to call the fire under control just under 30 minutes into the event. The aftermath revealed that the fire had been, indeed, kept and confined by the firefighters to the general area of origin, a second floor apartment's bathroom and nearby bedroom section, thus limiting fire damage to a bare minimum. Although the efforts of the assembled first responders were truly beyond reproach, even their considerable skills could not prevent the unfortunate displacement of 14 individuals from the apartment units, the latter scenario primarily due to power being secured throughout the entire structure and not as a result of significant, collateral damage in the form of water and smoke penetration. In spite of the fact that the cause of the fire appeared to be truly accidental, the State Fire Marshal's Office was summoned to the scene to investigate and provide a definitive cause and exact area of origin for this incident that, yet again, announced the arrival of a new month of potentially challenging emergency response for the JFRD.