City of Jacksonville

June Incidents 2015
The month of June wasted no time in creating a few headline worthy incidents, immediately beginning on 1 June just after 6 PM as units were dispatched to the report of a structure fire at a car dealership located at 7700 Blanding Boulevard. Although only light smoke was detected inside the main building upon arrival, crews did notice a significant amount of smoldering within areas containing mulch alongside the outside walls. After wetting down the area and subsequently using the TIC to verify that no further fire extension existed, Command was terminated and crews returned to service only to be recalled to the scene a few hours later: this time heavier smoke was present along a front column and the roof. After removing areas of the outer facade, firefighters discovered hot spots inside the wall that had been apparently created from non-extinguished smoking materials discarded into the bed of mulch. With the fire called under control within 20 minutes, business resumed at the dealership with no damages reported to any part of the inventory.

The very next day just before the noon hour, firefighters were once again called into action due to the presence of light smoke inside a building although this time the structure in question was the kindergarten wing of Love Grove Elementary located at 2446 University Boulevard South. Thankfully as the responders began to arrive at the scene they were greeted by the sight of children assembled in the recreational field; fire drills proving yet again to be an absolutely essential task for schools to perform. With the students out of harm's way, firefighters were able to focus on the task at hand in discovering the cause for the pervasive and light haze extending throughout several classrooms. In no time at all the culprit was identified, a faulty HVAC system with no sign of heat or fire anywhere: after properly ventilating the area the issue was subsequently placed into the capable hands of the on scene maintenance crew.

A rather dramatic event surrounded what was factually a routine fire when units were dispatched to the 8200 block of Dames Point Crossing for a third floor apartment fire shortly after 2 PM on Monday, 8 June. Although the fire was isolated to the kitchen area and apparently deserving of the classification of being a 'grease fire,' the adult male occupant of the dwelling felt that the best way to escape the incident was by jumping from the balcony of the third floor to his safety: even though the kitchen and balcony areas were on complete opposite ends and other means of egress existed, thoroughly unimpeded at that. Thankfully the man sustained only minor injuries from the thirty-odd foot plunge and was subsequently transported to an area hospital in fair condition.

Thursday morning, 25 June just before 6:30 AM: the dateline for an apartment fire at the Ocean Oaks Apartments at 1100 Seagate Avenue in Neptune Beach that would result in one dead canine family member and one adult female transported to an area hospital for treatment for minor injuries sustained in the blaze. As dispatched units rolled into the complex, firefighters reported the presence of heavy smoke and flames engulfing the bottom apartment of the two story structure. Discovering all occupants to be safely out of the dwelling, responders set about extinguishing the ravaging fire before any additional exposures could be impacted. With the incident calld under control within 25 minutes, the ensuing investigation revealed a candle left unattended in the living room overnight as the cause: the cause for a fire that claimed the life of the family's pet Golden Retriever, resulted in damage estimates exceeding $300,000, and the need for Red Cross to provide assistance for 2 adults.