City of Jacksonville

September Incidents 2014
The JFRD will officially welcome 40 new recruits into the ranks of the finest emergency responders in the nation in a graduation ceremony scheduled for 7 PM on 11 September at the Wilson Center, FSCJ South Campus.

A seemingly routine response to a reported structure fire would ultimately reveal itself as something a little less 'ordinary' on Monday, 16 September. Units were dispatched to the 8500 block of Hare Avenue just after 5 AM and discovered a single story, single family residence with flames consuming the entier front of the manufactured house. Immediately compounding matters further was the discovery that the roof was a triple roof, with several layers having been applied over the years. Thankfully the blazing inferno was brought under control within a relatively short time and without any injuries reported, with the vacant home promptly listed as a total loss. During suppression operations Command had duly noted the suspicious nature of the fire, with multiple areas of raging flames present upon the initial arrival of dispatched units. These sentiments of a criminal element possibly being present were soon confirmed upon the discovery of several empty cans of gasoline strewn about the back area of the house. Shortly after calling for the State Fire Marshal, it was learned that this location had just recently been the scene of a homicide thus adding a bit of cogency to the overall nature of the incident.