City of Jacksonville

March Incidents 2014
Two Recruit Graduation Ceremonies are scheduled for this month, beginning with a belated ceremony for Recruit Class 2-13 on Wednesday, 12 March. Friday, 14 March, will see the newest firefighters of the JFRD from Recruit Class 1-14 have their turn on stage. Both events occur at the FSCJ Downtown Auditorium and begin each night at 7 PM.
As has been mentioned many times over the years in the narrative (and now held in the archives) of 'Incident History' on this website, there may be a Hurricane Season and a Brush Fire Season but it is ALWAYS 'House Fire Season.' That is an important aphorism, as far too often there is an assumption that the arrival of warmer weather will remove and/or lessen the threat of residential fires (stemming from a decrease in space heater use): a statement that is simply erroneous and without merit. Case in point, the month of March thus far has brought warmer temperatures (but still slightly below average for this area) but also a spate of residential structure fires such as W3 signals on Andaloma Street, Abbeyfield Lane, Murray Drive, Davon Street, University Boulevard and in the 3800 block of Rancho Road, the latter on 18 March at approximately 2 PM and resulting in the total loss of the home and the transport of one adult male patient to St. Vincent's, thankfully in stable condition. The aforementioned house fire was soon revealed to be the result of 'careless smoking,' as a cigarette came into contact with a space heater involvement of any kind.