City of Jacksonville

August Incidents 2014
A somewhat unusual and most assuredly noteworthy incident occurred late Friday evening, August 1, as the river cruiseboat 'Annabelle Lee' experienced an engine room fire during a wedding reception while cruising along the St. Johns River. Luckily no injuries were reported with the fire contained in the area of origin. Another noteworthy event for the Department, although the non-emergency variety, transpired on the first Monday of the month (August 4) as a brand new class of JFRD Recruits were welcomed into the fold: additional poignancy found in the graduation date of the aforementioned class, more specifically September 11 (with ceremonies scheduled to be held at the Wilson Center of FSCJ's South Campus). 
A Second Alarm apartment fire near the Arlington Expressway kept firefighters busy on Friday evening, August 8, as units responded to the reported structure fire at The Reserve at Water's Inlet complex shortly after 7:30 PM. A ground floor apartment fire, believed to be attributable to unattended and careless cooking, quickly erupted into a potentially lethal blaze that soon consumed two apartments directly above the initial site as well as one located on the same ground floor directly next to it. After 30 minutes of focused and determined suppression work Command was able to call the incident under control, with at least 10 people in need of assistance from the American Red Cross in the aftermath of the fire. Thankfully no injuries were reported from the scene.