City of Jacksonville


February Incidents 2011

The very first day of the month promptly brought about an emergency response with a degree of prominence: a gas leak with a corresponding evacuation near 800 North Myrtle. Tuesday, 1 February and shortly before the noon hour, units responded to the aforementioned incident site following the accidental puncturing of a natural gas line by an auger. During routine construction work on a vacant lot, the machine managed to penetrate the 6 inch gas line located nearly 8 feet below the surface, releasing the contained product in the process. Emergency responders arriving on scene immediately established a hot zone that extended a few blocks west and southwest from the site, and initiated evacuations of adjacent buildings that created a bit of inconvenience for some of the involved parties. The 'Head Start' Child Development Program at the Rutledge Pearson Service Center, for example, saw 30 children and adult staff personnel transported out of the area to safety via JTA buses. With these operational objectives completed, firefighters now remained on scene and awaited the arrival of the appropriate gas company repair workers required to fix the nearly 12 inch section of plastic pipe that had been ripped from the main line.