City of Jacksonville


August 2005

July left us with one additional incident, as Friday July 29th saw a 4 inch plastic natural gas line severed during routine construction work near a parking lot at the Memorial Coliseum. As it was certainly hotter than 'Georgia Asphalt In July,' the firefighters assigned to the scene were truly forced to work in 'adverse' conditions as they attempted to clamp the line. The situation was brought under control in approximately 45 minutes, bringing the month of July to a successful close. Now everyone can turn their attention to this month, the wonderful month of August...the month when the Jaguars and NFL football finally return! Aside from that exciting scenario, the Department is also looking forward to August 10th when we celebrate those who have been recently promoted with an official Promotions Ceremony at the Union Hall beginning at 10 AM.

Groundbreaking Ceremony for Fire Station #24 is now scheduled for Tuesday, August 16th, beginning at 1 PM. The new location, 9247 Lem Turner Road, will feature an attractive one story construction complete with three large bay doors and beautiful red/coral concrete block exterior. While on the topic of Groundbreaking Ceremonies, August 23rd at 11 AM will be the time to take 'shovels to dirt' when Fire Station #35 has the honor of playing host to the aforementioned ceremony. Similar in construction to Station #24, Fire Station #35 will certainly distinguish itself through the preservation of 3 large oak trees on the property located at 12851 North Main Street. The overall attractive landscape package coupled with the mlutitude of other amenities found at the station will most assuredly make this one of the Department's most impressive showpieces.

As the month of August comes to a close, Hurricane Katrina is demanding the attention of every public safety professional within range, with the real possibility of extensive damage looming on the horizon for many communitites unfortunate enough to be caught in her destructive path.