City of Jacksonville

April Incidents 2018
The Red Cross was needed for assistance as two adults were displaced from their home after a structure fire on Tuesday, the 10th of April. The fire, occurring just after 8 PM on Larry Drive just off Kennerly Road in the Sans Souci neighborhood, could have been far worse had it not been for the truly speedy and efficient, aggressive attack performed by the arriving crews that kept the fire from advancing past the area of origin. No injuries were reported from the scene and the State Fire Marshal was called to perform the investigation. 
2545 Oak Street, more specifically the "Frances Court Apartments," threatened to become the scene of a potentially devastating fire on the 25th of April. As dispatched crews arrived on scene just after 6 AM that morning, flames were already prominently visible along the third floor of this three story apartment building, with one third floor apartment in particular fully involved, completely smothered by both thick black smoke and a bright, orange and red wall of fire. With this picture of drama and urgency firmly established, the firefighters quickly assembled to aggressively tackle this daunting assignment and, within less than 30 minutes, had subdued the flames, performed all requisite search objectives and commenced overhaul activities. With no injuries reported, the two most pressing issues proved to be the coordination with the Red Cross for ensuring applicable assistance for 18 displaced adults (from a total of four apartment units sustaining significant water, smoke and fire damage) as well as the liaison work needed with the State Fire Marshal to determine the area of origin as well as the cause. The latter proved to be relatively easy, as an adult male quickly came forward to admit that he had been working on a painting in his third floor apartment; work that included the use of some epoxy and acrylic resin when, in a brief moment of inattentiveness, he suddenly realized that some rags were on fire...with the subsequent course of events tragically established.