City of Jacksonville

April Incidents 2015
An incredibly rapacious, blazing inferno swept through the Rainbow Muffler auto workshop in the 53 hundred block of Philips Highway on Tuesday afternoon, April 12, sending two people to the hospital and leaving behind a completely destroyed business facility and damages exceeding a quarter of a million dollars. During the removal of a fuel tank from a sport utility vehicle parked within one of several bay areas of the shop, a sudden spark ignited a flammable liquid that, in turn, quickly resulted in several explosions and a rolling fire that forced an immediate evacuation of the building. The explosive impact was so volatile and forceful that sizeable shards of glass wound up embedded in the sides of several vehicles parked inside the bay areas. The first arriving crews encountered thick black and aphotic clouds of billowing smoke along with fire reaching skyward, with debris from the building strewn all around the structure. As suppression work immediately set about to contain the fire, emergency responders also assessed, treated and transported two patients from the scene with one, an adult male, suffering from serious injuries as a result of the explosion and corresponding fire. After slightly more than twenty minutes of combat activity, made even more difficult by the prevailing weather pattern of intense heat and humidity, firefighters were able to call the incident under control and summon the State Fire Marshal to the scene for the official investigation.