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Welcome to the Public Information Corner

From single family structure fires to mass casualty or hazardous materials incidents, from promotional or new fire station groundbreaking ceremonies to recruit graduation events, your Jacksonville Fire and Rescue Department (JFRD) is home to a myriad of activities encompassing all aspects of public safety. Each and every month, this section will provide an encapsulated summary of the most important of endeavors experienced by the department for that respective timeframe; a summary we hope you will find informative and helpful.

On a different note: all standby requests for JFRD apparatus should be made to and include date, location, time, and general information pertaining to the content/purpose of the event. Please note that we require two weeks advance notice and that emergency responses will take precedence over fire station visits and standby appearances.

Media requests for JFRD should be directed to the Public Information Officer at

Tom Francis
Public Information Officer
Tel: (904) 255-3276/3277